Bike shuttles

Know the local trails, or how to find your way but need a little help handling logistics? Jura Sick guide offers you a shuttles service for mountain bikers.

Many local trails are online, such as on the Trailforks App that you can download for free. Trails aren’t necessarily marked and are maintained by local trail building association. Association that you can support (see More infos section) through Trail Karma program.

From natural, to built for bike trails, from flowy to narrow, steep and rocky terrain, you’ll find a wide diversity of terrain that all riders can enjoy.

Our drivers will be happy to guide you on the trails that suit you. Depending on your pace and trails’ choices, you can expect between 5 to 9 shuttles, so about 3000 to 5000 m of vertical drop.

Schedule: 9am – 5pm

 Group size : 4 riders minimum, you can book for fewer riders, but JSG retains the right to refuse the group if the quota is not reached. In which case, you will be entirely refund.

Booking :

Pricing : from 60 €/pers/day

Meals not included (into sandwiches or rather loca cuisine? We can guide you there.)

Note: what happens on the trails is up to you and under your own responsibility. We are not associated in any case with Trailforks.

Download Trailforks app